Trudy Evertsen, Mindfulness trainer

Hi, I'm Trudy  and my passion is to live life Mindfully. I give Mindfulness courses to children and adult, after having worked as an educator for young children for 40 years. People keep on inspiring me!


Veronika de Sampayo, Career Coach, HR Consultant & Trainer

I am Veronika and a career coach & trainer. I get energy by helping you realize your potential. What drives you, gives you energy and makes you YOU?

I believe in working with others and use each others strengths to provide the best service available together.

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Clemens Evertsen, Body Stress Release Practitioner

By providing BSR I help to eliminate muscle tension, to restore the communication and to stimulate the self-healing abilities of the body. 

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Manon de Lanooi, Career Coach, HR Consultant & Trainer

People and their feelings matter to me. My approach is characterized by personal attention and customization. I bring people together in a personal and structured way. Professional relationships that focus on collaboration and sharing give me lots of energy.


Cathy Beresford, Career Coach & Recruiter

Recognizing talent and helping others to reach their full potential gives me the satisfaction and drive to be successful in the field of human resources and coaching. I enjoy helping others to discover, strengthen, and work on the development of the qualities that they consider important to achieve their goals. Everybody has something to add to another, to an organization, to the world!

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Martin van den Blink, Career Coach, HR Consultant & Trainer

I gladly share my knowledge and experience with others. Complex problems fascinate me and make me want to get to the bottom of things. I like to engage others in meaningful discussions and develop new ideas as a team. I'm always in for out of the box activities.

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Niki Smiet, Life Coach

Hi! I'm Niki Smiet and I am a life coach, because people are an endless source of inspiration and power for me. That makes my job a beautiful & exciting journey, each and every day.

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